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We have two DJ Experience options for the students: Beginners and Advanced.

• The Experience is divided into 10 sessions.

• The length of each individual session is 2 hours

• The session is being taught on class basis.

• You are required to arrive 15 mins before the start of your class, if you arrive late you may be refused entry to the session.



• We aim to create a pleasant and safe environment for the students;

• Our tutors will act in a professional manner ensuring the health & safety of the students.

• We will refuse to teach any student under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• We may cancel the course or session without a prior notice if the student abuses the equipment and/or the tutor; the deposit will not be refunded in this case.

• Please DO NOT touch anyone else’s equipment even if asked, if anyone requires help we have a teacher on hand in the session to help.

• Please sanitise your hands BEFORE touching the equipment and make sure it has been cleaned after you finish your class.

• You MUST fill out the data form before the commencement of the course AGE RESTRICTION

• We require all students to be over the age of 18 EQUIPMENT

• We require of our students to treat the equipment with caution and according tutor's instruction.

• Any intentional breakage or damage caused by the student will have to be covered for by the student.




• The student must inform the tutor about his or her intention to miss the session at least 5 hours prior to the session taking place (except in emergency situations).

• In case of multiple missed sessions without any notification we may cancel the entire course for the party with a prior warning. FEES

• The deposit is to be paid BEFORE the start of the course; Mixmaster is entitled to change the prices with prior notification. The deposit is paid to cover admin and artwork and this will be refunded on the completion of the course. COPYRIGHT

• The logo, graphic, visuals, textual information is intellectual property of MIXMASTER and cannot be used or distributed without prior written consent by MIXMASTER PRIVACY

• We are obliged to keep the personal data of our students safe and this will not be shared with anyone other than FLEX FM and we will not share the information of our students with any third parties.

• When you are on the Flex FM premises you therefore consent to your image being used but not limited to all FLEX FM, MIXMASTER and associated brands website, social media and promotional material.

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